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Site Is Amazing, We Have A Son Because Of It.
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Heterosexual Couple From Bordeaux In France Looking For Surrogate Mothers

Eléonore Heterosexual Couple Profile

Me and my baby

Seaside joy

Me and my little baby

Date Registered: 10 Sep 2014 Last Modified: 10 Sep 2014 Last Signed In: 11 Sep 2014
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Brief Summary Of Heterosexual Couple

Heterosexual Couple From Bordeaux In France Looking For Surrogate Mothers Between The Ages Of 25 And 35 And Must Be In Good Health.

Contact Information For This Heterosexual Couple

Name: Eléonore
Email Address: Unlock With Full Membership
City: Bordeaux
Region: Aquitaine
Country: France

Heterosexual Couple Information And Surrogate Requirements

Nationality: French
Race: Caucasian
Couple Type: Heterosexual Couple
We Smoke: No
We Have Had Surrogate/Donor Before: No
Willing to Travel: Yes
Number Of Children: 1
We Are Looking For: Surrogate Mother,
Aged Between: 25 To 35 Years Old
Country Surrogate/Donor From: Any Country
Nationality Of Surrogate/Donor: Any Nationality

Why We/I Want A Surrogate Mother, Egg Donor Or Sperm Donor:

I had an emergency hysterectomy at the birth of my first child, 3 years ago no more uterus . Hopefully my baby was in good health. I do not need egg donation as my ovaries are still functioning properly.

Description Of Us:

We are a young and happy family who enjoy outdoor activities and nature, simple things of life. We love food and really enjoy cooking. Our child give us so much happiness we would be so grateful if we could welcome a new baby and extend our family. Our couple is very strong. We had to go through a lot of pain and stress after the hysterectomy as for us, it meant we wouldn't be able to have another baby and we were very sad about it, even though we realized how lucky we were to have already such a beautiful and healthy baby in our arms to look after. I temporary quit my job to raise her, as she is everything to me. She just turned 3 and she is such a joyful and clever little girl, everyday she puts a smile on my face and my heart is lift up. She just started school and we would love to give her a sister or brother. She would be such a good "big sister". Lately, she told us : "I want a little baby brother or sister mummy, I will take care of her/him, I will let him/her play with my toys and I won t be annoyed by her tears if he or she cries"..She's only 3 years old and she said this all sentence all by herself.. A few months before, this would have made me cry but now I feel hope again... As if somewhere, someone will help us to make this dream come true. We do feel hope it is possible and we feel strong enough to go through this process.

My Letter To Surrogate Mother, Egg Donor Or Sperm Donor:

We are looking for a healthy woman who already have accomplished her family and feel strong enough to go through this process. I wish our surrogacy mother will feel proud about herself to help us to extend our family. I hope she will take care of my baby as if he/she was hers as long as the pregnancy will last and will feel comfortable to give he or she to me at the delivery. I understand it could be akward so I wish to meet someone mature enough and who have completely think through the all process before committing herself to it. As she will take care of my baby, I ll take care of her.


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Thanks For Everything ! This Website Was Very Helpful.
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