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Natalia, Russia

Jai , Male Indian Sperm Donor From India

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Date Registered: 24 May 2020 Last Modified: 09 Jun 2020 Last Signed In: 18 Oct 2020
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Brief Summary Of The Sperm Donor

I\'am a 40 year old Male Indian national from Chandigarh in India, I would like to be a Sperm Donor for Heterosexual , Lesbian , Single Woman Couples. I have Black hair and Brown Eyes With 20 Or More Years Of Education. I currently have a passport and I am willing to travel anywhere in the world.

Contact Information For This Sperm Donor

Name: Jai
Email Address: Unlock With Full Membership
Phone Number: Unlock With Full Membership
City: Chandigarh
Region: Chandigarh
Country: India

Sperm Donor Information

Nationality: Indian
Race: Asian other
Age: 40
Gender: Male
I Am A Smoker: No
I Would Like To Be A: Sperm Donor
Have Been A Sperm Donor:: Yes
Years Of Education: 20 Or More Years
My Height Is: 180 cm
My Weight Is: 165 Lbs
My Health Is: Excellent
My Blood Type Is: A
My Marital Status Is: Married
Number Of Children I Have Is: 0
I Would Consider Couples Of: Heterosexual Couple, Lesbian Couple, Single Woman
I Am Willing To Travel: Yes
I Have A Passport: Yes
My Hair Colour Is: Black
My Eye Colour Is: Brown
My Health Is: Excellent

The Reasons I Want To Be A Sperm Donor:

I was asked to donate sperm when i was in 12th class but i declined because i was insecure because of my parental instinct. The thought that my children will be growing away from my eyes in unknown dangers and discomfort, could have destabilized me emotionally so much that it would have been impossible for me to But around 7 years later i read the book the blind watchmaker and learned that the parental instinct and other instincts like sex, hunger, pain, pleasure are evolved in our human species to ensure survival, reproduction and in further extension to the well being of progeny in terms of survival and reproduction. After around 10 years, this philosophy of life has helped me to overcome my parental instinct and decide to donate sperm. I will not charge anything for it, rather its my duty to help out my children in exceptional case.

Description Of Myself:

I am tall, good looking, intelligent, high achiever, smart and cooperative. I have won international award for scientific innovation and working as scientist presently. If you like my profile, contact me. I will return the fee that you initially will pay for full membership of this portal, to contact me. I would also like to provide sperm for other nationality and race because genetically diverse parents generate hybrid vigor in children. I can travel world wide or send a cryopreserved sample with artificial insemination kit.

My Letter To You:

I will try to assure you about the privacy and agree to contact child if you want so. Hindi mai, aath ek sunya sat sunya char char do sat do, yahi mera sampark hai I am also from chandigarh, working as a scientist, very good looking and healthy. recently i won an international prize for scientific innovation. i have no issue in personally meeting in public place etc.


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Thank You For Your Kind Services
Liuferry, Indonesia