surrogates and intended parents

People assume there is only one type of surrogacy. There are several, It is even more complicated when surrogates and intended parents find out that these combinations of surrogacy are allowed in some countries, whereas others are totally prohibited.

Surrogacy is indeed a complicated, assisted reproductive protocol that could be performed

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A type of assisted reproductive technology, surrogacy is a method of having children when a couple is unable to do so on their own. Read the article to learn more.

Understanding Surrogacy 

According to an estimate, more than 100 million heterosexual couples are unable to have children – the exact prevalence of infertility is highly difficult to measure due to various factors.
While there are a variety of factors that can lead to infertility; genetic disorders, different infectious and

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A Small Introduction About Surrogacy

Childless couples see surrogacy as their last available outcome for getting a biological baby. Such people will spend thousands of pounds on IVF and fertility drugs before finally realising that their last alternative to having a healthy baby are through surrogacy. This switch, from fertility problems to surrogacy, is a very big

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