Are you an intended parent planning to go for surrogacy to build your family? Read the article to get all the essential information you should have

Are you and your partner interested in extending your family through surrogacy?
As intended parents, you must have a lot of questions and concerns and may feel overwhelmed by the idea, especially if you are new to surrogacy.
Don’t worry – this is quite common!
But, as intended parents you must educate yourself about the process before starting the surrogacy journey. Knowing the importance of this step, here we are giving all the essential information intended parents should have:

Surrogacy Journey Is a Long, Emotional, and Expensive Process

The process of surrogacy is not only long, but it is also highly emotional for both the surrogate mother and the intended parents. In order to ensure that things go smoothly, it requires commitment and coordination from both parties.
As intended parents, you should first be sure that surrogacy is the right choice. This includes mentally preparing yourself for the process as well as ensuring that you can bear the expenses. There are many different of expenses involved in the process of surrogacy, such as paying an agency to find a surrogate, the compensation given to surrogate, legal services, and medical expenses.
If you are having any difficulty or have doubts or questions about the process or its cost, makes sure you see a surrogacy specialist or counselor before you proceed with the surrogacy process.

Everyone’s Needs Are Different

Every couple that wants to go for surrogacy has different needs. For example, some only need to find a surrogate whereas others also need a donor. Similarly, the requirements of the process may also vary with the type of surrogacy a couple is going for; traditional or gestational.
The course of action to fulfill your needs depends on how you choose to go for surrogacy. There are agencies that provide all-inclusive services. While they provide guidance and support through each step of the surrogacy process, they charge a handsome amount.
On the other hand, doing everything on your own will save you money, but it is likely going to take you much longer than agencies.
Deciding how you want to go through the process depends on your financial position as well as needs. For example, you can skip the agency if you personally know someone who has agreed to be your surrogate and can just hire a lawyer to take care of the legal aspects. But, if you are finding it difficult to search for a prospective surrogate mother and/or donor, you may have to get in touch with a professional surrogacy agency to speed things up.

Your Relationship with the Surrogate Can Make a Huge Difference

When you opt for surrogacy, you basically trust someone else, usually a stranger, to take care of your unborn child and safely deliver it. In order to make sure that things go smoothly throughout the process, it is important that you develop a healthy relationship with the surrogate. Both the parties involved in surrogacy should respect each other and maintain an effective communication to avoid misunderstandings.
As discussed earlier, surrogacy is an emotional process for both the surrogate and the intended parents. Since it requires coordination from both the parties, it is essential that both understand each other’s needs and respect their emotions.

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