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We Matched And GS Is Due Very Soon. Thanks For Everything.
Katrina, United States

Heterosexual Couple From Annapolis 21412 In United States Looking For Surrogate Mothers

Kathy Heterosexual Couple Profile

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My Sweetie
Date Registered: 02 Feb 2017 Last Modified: 03 Feb 2017 Last Signed In: 07 Feb 2017
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Brief Summary Of Heterosexual Couple

Heterosexual Couple From Annapolis 21412 In United States Looking For Surrogate Mothers Between The Ages Of 24 And 36 And Must Be In Good Health.

Contact Information For This Heterosexual Couple

Name: Kathy
Email Address: Unlock With Full Membership
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City: Annapolis 21412
Region: Maryland
Country: United States

Heterosexual Couple Information And Surrogate Requirements

Nationality: American
Race: Caucasian
Couple Type: Heterosexual Couple
We Smoke: No
We Have Had Surrogate/Donor Before: Yes
Willing to Travel: Yes
Medical Expenses: Don't Know Pounds
Number Of Children: 1
We Are Looking For: Surrogate Mother,
Aged Between: 24 To 36 Years Old
Country Surrogate/Donor From: Any Country, United States
Nationality Of Surrogate/Donor: Any Nationality

Why We/I Want A Surrogate Mother, Egg Donor Or Sperm Donor:

LOOKING FOR A SURROGATE IN USA OR UKRAINE OR GEORGIA - the country. My husband and I have one adorable 8 year old daughter. I had a very dangerous pregnancy though -severe preeclampsia- so I would like to use a gestational surrogate to have more children. I will be using an egg donor and my husband's sperm. We are willing to either: 1. Find an affordable American surrogate and use Cooper Institute, a fertility clinic in New Jersey OR 2. Travel to the Ukraine or the country Georgia and use a surrogate and clinic there. We would like a surrogate who has been pregnant before with her own child or as a surrogate. This is so she understands first hand what it is like to be pregnant.

Description Of Us:

I am 53 and have been married 14 years. My husband and I have one 8 year old daughter and live in Maryland. He has two grown daughters from a previous marriage. I am currently a stay at home mom but I used to work as a clinical social worker. I have always loved children and specialized in child therapy for awhile. I come from an intact family and have 2 sisters and one brother.. My husband and I would like our daughter to have some younger siblings.

My Letter To Surrogate Mother, Egg Donor Or Sperm Donor:

Being a surrogate is a beautiful and altruistic gesture. I really admire you for wanting to be one. You clearly like being pregnant and love children. I know first hand it can be risky though and your health is priority. My husband and I would love twins and would be happy with as many babies as you can carry. It is your body though and, if you were at risk, it would be your decision whether to reduce. A positive of being a surrogate is you are able to afford staying at home with your children. I love being a stay at home mom and want you to be able to have this experience. You also deserve to relax and be pampered during the nine months you are pregnant.


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its great:) i've found a match
Sophie, United Kingdom