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By The Grace Of GOD I Now have 2 kids.
Shimna, Canada

Gay Couple From Torino In Italy Looking For Surrogate Mothers, Egg Donors

Roberto Gay Couple Profile

Roberto & Enrirque

Our Family

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Roberto & Enrirque
Date Registered: 22 Sep 2019 Last Modified: 22 Sep 2019 Last Signed In: 13 Feb 2020
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Brief Summary Of Gay Couple

Gay Couple From Torino In Italy Looking For Surrogate Mothers, Egg Donors Between The Ages Of 18 And 40 And Must Be In Good Health.

Contact Information For This Gay Couple

Name: Roberto
Email Address: Unlock With Full Membership
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City: Torino
Region: Piedmont
Country: Italy

Gay Couple Information And Surrogate Requirements

Nationality: Italian
Race: Other
Couple Type: Gay Couple
We Smoke: No
We Have Had Surrogate/Donor Before: No
Willing to Travel: Yes
Medical Expenses: Don't Know Pounds
Number Of Children: 0
We Are Looking For: Surrogate Mother, Egg Donor,
Aged Between: 18 To 40 Years Old
Country Surrogate/Donor From: Canada
Nationality Of Surrogate/Donor: Any Nationality

Why We/I Want A Surrogate Mother, Egg Donor Or Sperm Donor:

We both love children, we are godfathers of some children of friends and relatives. We like playing and teaching them new things. Now, we are willing forward to having our own children. For sure parenting is tough and challenging, but we are prepared to learn new things every day from this incredible gift. During all these years, we have shared this common wish to have children. Unfortunately in Italy it is not so simple: adoption is not allowed to gay couples. Some friends have suggested us to try the surrogacy: they did it in the past and now they have 2 beautiful twins. They told us that it is an amazing experience, not only because they finally saw their dream came true, but also because of the wonderful relationship they built with their surrogate. We would love to have a similar experience and to build something very special with ours, full of trust, communication, appropriate boundaries and flexibility. Our hearts will be forever filled with immense gratitude and appreciation to our surrogate. We strongly believe that finding the right match is the key for a successful surrogacy. For us it is really important to connect with the surrogate, to have the same expectations regarding the number of embryos to transfer, to have the same views on pregnancy evolution and to agree in the communication style.

Description Of Us:

ᵢHolaᴉ This is Enrique, born in Pontevedra, Spain, 35 years ago. I am a very sociable, empathetic, optimistic, and adventurous person. I am not afraid of putting myself outside my comfort zone, which sometimes boots my creating thinking. My curiosity has always encouraged me to expose myself to different cultures. Starting at the age of 14, I attended different cultural exchange programs in Germany, Ireland, Ecuador & Peru of "Universal Interest" by UNESCO. Then I lived in the USA and France for 4 years to study Aerospace Engineering and lastly moved in with Roberto to Italy about 11 years ago. Ciao! This is Roberto, born in Alghero, Italy, 35 years ago. I am a reliable, trustworthy and determined person. I am the one who makes more thoughtful and rational decisions in the couple. If we come up with a great idea, generally I am the one who seeks the way to achieve it. I am very caring with my family and friends, I could bend over backwards to help them. I can't stand injustices and always try to prevent them from happening. This rational part of my personality is flanked by a very strong emotional character I am the first crying while watching a movie. We are very close-knit, and our differences provide us with complementary resources for dealing with life's challenges. Together we found a perfect harmony that allowed us to build what we are today. After 12 years of loving relationship, including marriage, we are now ready to make our dream of parenthood become a reality.

My Letter To Surrogate Mother, Egg Donor Or Sperm Donor:

Dear our future superhero, first of all we´d like to express all our happiness and gratitude for having the opportunity of being helped by someone that we haven´t met yet, but has the power of doing something so beautiful for someone else. We kindly ask go through our profile to better know our personality, lifestyle, history and surrogacy expectations. OUR HISTORY We met in Toulouse “La ville rose”, France, 12 years ago, when were both studying Aerospace Engineering. Our rooms were facing each other in the dorms we lived in, and from the very beginning we became best friends and fell in love in just a month. At that time we used to talk in French to each other, but after moving to Italy, about a year later, we switched to Italian. Nowadays we live in Turin, which is located in the north of Italy and surrounded by an alpine backdrop. Roberto works as a Program Manager and Enrique as an International Senior Sales Manager. Here in Turin we have developed close friendships and some of our friends are like second family. We live in a very nice apartment in the city center 120m2, close to many amenities and parks for children. We usually spend holidays in our hometowns with family and friends: In Galicia, which is a region in the north-west of Spain, and Sardinia, a gorgeous island in the Mediterranean Sea. We consider ourselves extremely lucky to have growing up in those places and having the opportunity to come back anytime. Since we both grew up in coastal towns, we love spending our holidays close to the sea practicing all types of water activities, such as, diving, sailing and spending time on the beach, especially during sunset. We usually spend most of our spare time at the sea, but we also love the mountain. Turin is a fantastic city in this sense, because it is possible to reach both the mountain and the sea in just 1,5 hours drive. In July this year, we got married. It was an amazing party with all our family and friends. At first we wanted to do something intimate but it ended up in a celebration with almost 250 guests. We had the best time and it meant a lot to us being surrounded with so much love and support. FAMILY We have both extremely supportive families and parents, who gave us solid personal beliefs and ideas during our childhood. We were both raised catholic, but we are a non-practicing family. Even though our parents grew up in an older and more traditional generation, they have supported us a gay couple, and gave us the endless support to chase always our dreams. They can’t wait to become grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins! Below a brief description of our family. Valentina, Roberto’s sister, is a biologist and has 2 children with her husband Fabio their names are Alessandro and Giulia. They are so cute, we love spending our time with them. Valentina is a very caring mother and is very emotional. Julia, Enrique’s sister, is a doctor and she has just given birth to a beautiful little baby, whose name is Jaime. Julia’s husband is Josete and he’s an engineer. Julia is very focus on her objectives and she’s certainly a determined person. Jaime, Enrique’s brother, is a photographer and works for a lot of Netflix series. He is the oldest and is very protective towards Enrique and Julia. Jaime is a creative person and a good observer. Roberto’s parents are Bastianina and Salvatore. Salvatore is a policeman, but is currently retired, while Bastianina is housewife. They love spending time with their grandchildren and Bastianina is an excellent cook. Enrique’s parents are Angeles and Jaime. Jaime is a lawyer and Angeles is a doctor. They are very active people and have a great social life. Leo is our splendid kitten. It is a very sweet and playful cat. He loves playing with Roberto's nephews. VALUES We have common aspirations: improving personal and professional development, being close to our loving families and having great friends around us. These general aspirations, that seem quite easy but require consistence, work and love, are the best way for us to feel happy, optimistic, self-confident and more importantly a way to keep us up when things go wrong. Our numerous personal and professional experiences have helped to shape us into a responsible and goal-oriented couple. We can’t wait to teach our values to our children and encourage them to think as big as they can, expect nothing less than the best, to have courage and, most importantly, to be kind. HOBBIES We both love travelling, playing sports mainly volleyball and skiing and learning languages: Spanish, Italian, English, French and Gallego. We are going to speak Italian and Spanish since day one to our children and would love them to attend an English school. It would be fun to host an au-pair from a foreign country during summertime when our children get bigger so they can practice English/ French. We love Mediterranean food, but sometimes we love experiencing new food. We also like making cakes at home, our specialties are tiramisù and carrot cake. CONCLUSION If you felt connection with our personality and surrogacy expectations, we kindly ask you to contact us by email so we can Skype to meet each other. We can’t wait to start this journey with our superhero – the courageous and incredible woman, who will carry our children into the world, making us the happiest men on earth.


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Great Site, Thanks For All The Help!
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