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Thank You. I Found A Surrogate, And Had Our Daughter Last September. Good luck To All. Don't Give Up Hope.
karen, Canada

Gay Couple From Toronto In Canada Looking For Surrogate Mothers

Guillaume Gay Couple Profile

New Year’s Eve 2023

1st couple summer holiday 2006


Date Registered: 18 Mar 2023 Last Modified: 18 Mar 2023 Last Signed In: 18 Mar 2023
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Brief Summary Of Gay Couple

Gay Couple From Toronto In Canada Looking For Surrogate Mothers Between The Ages Of 25 And 40 And Must Be In Good Health.

Contact Information For This Gay Couple

Name: Guillaume
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City: Toronto
Region: Ontario
Country: Canada

Gay Couple Information And Surrogate Requirements

Nationality: French
Race: Caucasian
Couple Type: Gay Couple
We Smoke: No
We Have Had Surrogate/Donor Before: Yes
Willing to Travel: Yes
Medical Expenses: 20000-30000 Pounds
Number Of Children: 0
We Are Looking For: Surrogate Mother,
Aged Between: 25 To 40 Years Old
Country Surrogate/Donor From: Canada, United States
Nationality Of Surrogate/Donor: American, Canadian

Why We/I Want A Surrogate Mother, Egg Donor Or Sperm Donor:

Exciting news - at the ORM Fertility clinic in Portland, OR, we have 25 ready-to-go embryos : If you're considering surrogacy, working with ORM Fertility and Dr. Bankowski could offer a range of benefits. Firstly, ORM has one of the highest success rates of any clinic in North America, giving you the best possible chance of a successful first transfer. Additionally, Dr. Bankowski has personal experience with surrogacy and can provide calm, reassuring support throughout the process. To make the journey as smooth and stress-free as possible a partner or friend of yours will be offered a complimentary trip to Portland to accompany you. This includes one visit for the practice transfer and another for the actual transfer, all expenses paid.

Description Of Us:

Our Love Story: September 2005 was a month of new beginnings for me. I had just turned 19 and was starting a Master's program in aerospace engineering in Toulouse, in the beautiful South-West of France. It was there that I met Jeremy, a dashing train driver who was 23 at the time. We met at a friend's place, and I knew from the moment I saw him that there was something special about him. We talked and laughed for hours, and I felt a connection that I had never experienced before. We started dating a month later, and we've been together ever since. Our relationship has had its ups and downs, like any other, but the key to our long-lasting love is that we never take each other for granted. We've always had each other's backs, and we've built a strong foundation for a happy life together. We've created countless memories and have grown as individuals and as a couple. Our love has only grown stronger with time, and we're grateful for the beautiful story we've written together.

My Letter To Surrogate Mother, Egg Donor Or Sperm Donor:

Dear potential surrogate, We understand that the decision to become a surrogate is not an easy one, and we are grateful for your consideration. We would like to share with you why we believe our journey together would be something special. We have been searching for a surrogate who not only shares our values but also wants to be part of our family from the start. We have realized that this is just as important as creating a family once our children are born. We want to build a genuine friendship and a loving relationship with you, and maybe even your loved ones. We want you to know that we will be there for you every step of the way. Any troubles that you encounter will be our troubles, and we will always have your back. Our close family and friends, including our mischievous parrots haha!, are eagerly waiting to welcome you into our hearts. We believe that this journey is not just about carrying a child or children for us, but also about creating a bond that will last a lifetime. We are excited about the possibility of building a special connection with you and embarking on this journey together. Our journey to create a loving family begins with this special connection we'll form with you. We can't wait to get started!


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I Found The Perfect Intended Parents!! Cannot Wait To Start My Second Journey In GS With Them!
Shauna, Canada