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Great Site, Found My Gestational Surrogate (Who Also Lives Only 30 Minutes From Me) And We Are Now 11 Weeks Pregnant :)
Elizabeth, Canada

Single Woman From Cairns In Australia Looking For Surrogate Mothers, Sperm Donors

Jennifer Single Woman Profile

Date Registered: 19 Jun 2009 Last Modified: 19 Jun 2009 Last Signed In: 19 Jun 2009
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Brief Summary Of Single Woman

Single Woman From Cairns In Australia Looking For Surrogate Mothers, Sperm Donors Between The Ages Of 18 And 30 And Must Be In Good Health.

Contact Information For This Single Woman

Name: Jennifer
Email Address: Unlock With Full Membership
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City: Cairns
Region: Queensland
Country: Australia

Single Woman Information And Surrogate Requirements

Nationality: Australian
Race: Caucasian
Couple Type: Single Woman
We Smoke: No
We Have Had Surrogate/Donor Before: No
Willing to Travel: Yes
Medical Expenses: 15000-20000 Pounds
Number Of Children: 1
We Are Looking For: Surrogate Mother, Sperm Donor,
Aged Between: 18 To 30 Years Old
Country Surrogate/Donor From: Any Country
Nationality Of Surrogate/Donor: Any Nationality

Why We/I Want A Surrogate Mother, Egg Donor Or Sperm Donor:

I am 26 yrs old and my husband died about a year ago and my daughter died about 3 months ago. I have a three yr old son and am not desperately seeking a partner in my life however i would absolutely love another child. Pregnancy is quite hard for me as i am in a wheelchair and giving birth is even harder. I can look after a child without any hassels i can afford it and i have an absolutely gorgeous son who is healthy well taken care of, etc... As well as an amazing support network full of grandparents and cousins and uncle's and Aunties and both me and my son have endless amounts of love to give and would love to share our lives with another soul.

Description Of Us:

I am 26 yrs old, warm nurturing and patient i love kids especially my own losing my husband and daughter so close together has left me lonely and craving more out of life, i literally live for my little boy but i would love to bring some more joy into both our lives.

My Letter To Surrogate Mother, Egg Donor Or Sperm Donor:

To my new surrogate mother and or Donor, I am a recent widow, who has also not long lost a child. I also have an amazing 3 yr old son:Rhys who has just lost his dad and sister. Even though my son is still young, together we have supported eachother through these tragedies with love and laughter. He is the reason i still get up in the mornings (and i mean he literally wakes me by sitting on my chest at 7:30 in the morning singing: 'Wakey, Wakey Mum Come Make my breakie.) Buy it breaks my heart to see him play with all his cousins and they're siblings and, at the end of the day come home to an empty house. I know that we would both benefit from sharing the unconditional love we have for eachother with another new life and make our home full again. Two pregnancies has taken its toll on me and i really don't know how i would cope giving birth again, so i hope this letter reaches someone special who will make us the happiest people on earth and give us the most precious gift there is to give. I realise this is an emotional journey to embark on, but i'm in it for the long haul and will be there as much or as little as i'm needed, not just for the prize at the end. kindest Regards Jenny


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I Have Found The Perfect Couple. Thanks Surrogate Finder
Louise, South Africa