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Pablo, Spain

Monique , Female American Egg Donor From United States

Monique Egg Donor Profile

Date Registered: 10 Jun 2016 Last Modified: 10 Jun 2016 Last Signed In: 12 Oct 2016
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Brief Summary Of The Egg Donor

I\'am a 29 year old Female American national from Wasilla in United States, I would like to be a Egg Donor for Gay Couples. I have Brown hair and Brown Eyes With 12 Years Of Education.

Contact Information For This Egg Donor

Name: Monique
Email Address: Unlock With Full Membership
Phone Number: Unlock With Full Membership
City: Wasilla
Region: Alaska
Country: United States

Egg Donor Information

Nationality: American
Race: Other
Age: 29
Gender: Female
I Am A Smoker: Yes
I Would Like To Be A: Egg Donor
Have Been A Egg Donor:: No
Years Of Education: 12 Years
My Height Is: 168 cm
My Weight Is: 225 Lbs
My Health Is: Good
My Blood Type Is: Unknown
My Marital Status Is: Single no partner
Number Of Children I Have Is: 0
I Would Consider Couples Of: Gay Couple
I Am Willing To Travel: No
I Have A Passport: Yes
My Hair Colour Is: Brown
My Eye Colour Is: Brown
My Health Is: Good

The Reasons I Want To Be A Egg Donor:

On a personal level I have no intentions of being pregnant or having children, however my family has a longstanding history of healthy and relatively easy pregnancies so I see no reason to not donate my eggs to people who would use them.

Description Of Myself:

I am currently an English Major at University of Alaska Fairbanks, though my academic and personal interests are also in the fields of Sociology Media, Culture, and Pop Culture, Psychology Behavioral, Developmental, and Cultural, and Film. Since childhood I have scored exceptionally well in Academia, although I have had issues with it in regards to lack of proper intellectual stimulation. I am Autistic and I have A.D.H.D, though I am considered "high functioning" and am currently medicated.

My Letter To You:

Dear Donor Seekers, I'm not entirely sure what to say en-masse, this is much easier when I've been given insight as to whom I'm speaking to. Nonetheless, let's jump right into the basics. My name is Monique Shareece Valentine. I'm twenty-two years old. I've never been hospitalized for any serious mental or physical illness, I'm "high functioning" Autistic woman with A.D.H.D, and I've consistently scored high enough in state testings that it was only upon personal request that I did not skip to higher grades. I've read college level books as far as content and comprehension level since I was approximately twelve years-old, and after facing very little challenge from the Education System I completed all four years of high school in a year and a half. On a technical level I'm considered overweight, but my blood pressure and overall physical health has always been fine. As of writing this letter I do smoke, but I am switching over to the vaporizer and will quit upon being accepted as a donor. I drink, occasionally, but will also quit upon being accepted. I have never done serious opiates, amphetamines, or hallucinogens. On a more personal note, I'm an English Major working on my M.F.A in Creative Writing. I also have a profound interest in Sociology Media, Culture, and Pop Culture, Psychology Behavioral, Developmental, and Cultural, and Film. For fun I watch television and movies, write, read, listen to music and deconstruct the creative elements and sociological meanings behind the media I absorb. I have issues with Math, but excel in most other areas provided I am properly motivated to do so. Though, that motivation cannot be used to get me to eat green beans. Many have tried, all have failed, and at least one Thanksgiving Dinner was ruined in the process. I'm not sure what else to write, it's a little easier to provide details upon request. I will end on one last snippet: I, without fail, manage to reference Archer at least once a day. Make of that what you will. Signed, Monique Shareece Valentine


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