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We Have Found A Surrogate Mother And Have Proceeded To Have A Baby. Thank You.
Laurie, Canada

Sophie , Female British Surrogate Mother From United Kingdom

Sophie Surrogate Mother Profile




Date Registered: 04 Jun 2019 Last Modified: 08 Jun 2019 Last Signed In: 08 Jun 2019
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Brief Summary Of The Surrogate Mother

I\'am a 26 year old Female British national from Birmingham in United Kingdom, I would like to be a Surrogate Mother for Gay Couples. I have Brown hair and Brown Eyes With 13-16 Years Of Education. I currently have a passport and I am willing to travel anywhere in the world.

Contact Information For This Surrogate Mother

Name: Sophie
Email Address: Unlock With Full Membership
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City: Birmingham
Region: England
Country: United Kingdom

Surrogate Mother Information

Nationality: British
Race: Other
Age: 26
Gender: Female
I Am A Smoker: No
I Would Like To Be A: Surrogate Mother
Have Been A Surrogate Mother:: Yes
Years Of Education: 13-16 Years
My Height Is: 165 cm
My Weight Is: 85 Lbs
My Health Is: Excellent
My Blood Type Is: A
My Marital Status Is: Single no partner
Number Of Children I Have Is: 2
I Would Consider Couples Of: Gay Couple
I Am Willing To Travel: Yes
I Have A Passport: Yes
My Hair Colour Is: Brown
My Eye Colour Is: Brown
My Health Is: Excellent

The Reasons I Want To Be A Surrogate Mother:

I have 2 beautiful children of my own one boy and one girl, that is all I ever wanted! And I couldn’t be more happy with what I have, although I’ve only ever wanted two children I would LOOOVE to help others have their very own! As in me carry and you have! I have also had two normal births full term overdue with both and normal deliveries! Never had to get induced.

Description Of Myself:

I would describe myself as a family person, I looooove spending time with my children! And I loooove being around family! I love working out, swimming&running I also take the kids with me everywhere I go I call them my handbags! Never without them! Lol I’m also a very bubbly person I’m shy but not too shy... but I’m a little shy. I’m a single mother of two beautiful babies! I couldn’t be anymore happier!

My Letter To You:

Hey, this is Sophia! I understand you would love to have a child but is unable to proceed with the process alone and that’s okay! I’m willing to carry however much children you would like to have! My goal with this process is to make sure your child is the most healthiest Bundle of joy you’ve Laid eyes on. I understand it can be a little scary allowing someone else to carry your child considering a lot of people can form an attachment to the child, but I can promise you the child I carry is for you legally and personally. I hope you take great consideration when it comes to me carrying your child, your child is in safe hands. You are welcome to come to every doctors appointment or anything related to your child. I might be carrying your child but it is YOUR CHILD therefore you have as much rights to every process than I am! I can take photos and videos of every single movement I can also send you daily blogs and videos of my day just so you can see what it’s like in the day to day life of me carrying your child, I will send you my meal plans and anything else’s you would like to see or know. Thank you x


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Now Happily Matched With A Couple.
Kellie, United Kingdom