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Ingrid , Female Brazilian Egg Donor From Brazil

Ingrid Egg Donor Profile


Date Registered: 17 Jul 2020 Last Modified: 17 Jul 2020 Last Signed In: 04 Aug 2020
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Brief Summary Of The Egg Donor

I\'am a 27 year old Female Brazilian national from Sao Paulo in Brazil, I would like to be a Egg Donor for Heterosexual , Gay , Lesbian , Single Woman,Single Man Couples. I have Light Brown hair and Brown Eyes With 17-19 Years Of Education. I currently have a passport and I am willing to travel anywhere in the world.

Contact Information For This Egg Donor

Name: Ingrid
Email Address: Unlock With Full Membership
Phone Number: Unlock With Full Membership
City: Sao Paulo
Region: Sao Paulo
Country: Brazil

Egg Donor Information

Nationality: Brazilian
Race: Other
Age: 27
Gender: Female
I Am A Smoker: No
I Would Like To Be A: Egg Donor
Have Been A Egg Donor:: No
Years Of Education: 17-19 Years
My Height Is: 168 cm
My Weight Is: 135 Lbs
My Health Is: Excellent
My Blood Type Is: O
My Marital Status Is: Single no partner
Number Of Children I Have Is: 0
I Would Consider Couples Of: Heterosexual Couple, Gay Couple, Lesbian Couple, Single Woman, Single Man
I Am Willing To Travel: Yes
I Have A Passport: Yes
My Hair Colour Is: Light Brown
My Eye Colour Is: Brown
My Health Is: Excellent

The Reasons I Want To Be A Egg Donor:

Because I know that many women suffer from not being able to get pregnant, and being a mother is also their dream. Why not help? Being a mother was never part of my dreams, so if we can do good to someone, why not?

Description Of Myself:

I am a 28 year old woman. I have a degree in Social Media and Digital Marketing. I like to play sports, for aesthetic and health reasons. I like to study and travel, I am very independent, communicative and do volunteer work in Brazil. I come from a family that is well structured psychologically and with a lot of love, I have a sister and a brother, and I get along very well with them. I love watching movies, series, and sports games, like football games. I am addicted to books, of all subjects, I enjoy reading. my younger brother has down syndrome, due to my mother's age at pregnancy. It was the most beautiful and pure love I have ever known. My brother is everything to me. We play, study, do everything together, we are very companions, and my love for him is immeasurable. I always try to educate and encourage, and my parents work hard. He has all the support and love of the two too.

My Letter To You:

Being able to contribute and be a minimal part of someone's dream is noble and rewarding. I never dreamed of having a family, my dreams have always been to travel the world, study outside Brazil, learn new languages and cultures, but I know people who have this dream of having children, getting married and building families, and along with those dreams, countless difficulties . And if I can help in a way, why not help?


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